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Page updated - 18/10/2004

Welcome to the 3dfx MiniGL Section...
This Page contains MiniGL Drivers for Games like Quake1/2, HalfLife, Sin etc...
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MiniGL Files

Package Date


Size / Type



12 Sep 1997

3dfx MiniGL V1.00

67k ZIP

Initial Release, OpenGL for Quake(tm)

09 Jan 1998

3dfx MiniGL V1.10

56k ZIP


20 Aug 1998

AMD demo MiniGL

173k ZIP

AMD optimized MiniGL, initial 3dNow!-support demonstration...  

27 Oct 1998

3dfx MiniGL V1.40

57k ZIP



3dfx MiniGL V1.45

57k ZIP


09 Dec 1998

Q3D MiniGL V1.46

162k ZIP

3Dfx MiniGL 1.46 Installer, Quantum3D Edition

09 Jan 1999

3dfx MiniGL V1.46

327k ZIP


10 Apr 1999

3dfx MiniGL V1.47

349k ZIP

Maximum 3dNow! Support, fastest MiniGL for AMD K6-2


22 Apr 1999

3dfx MiniGL V1.48

349k ZIP

Intermediate Version


04 Sep 1999

3dfx MiniGL V1.49

351k ZIP

Final Version for AMD Athlon, slower than V1.47 when used on K6-2


FalconFly's Tip -
When using the AMD tweaked Quake 2 Version, replace both the contained MiniGL files opengl32.dll and 3dfxglam.dll with
the V1.47 (K6-2) or V1.49 (Athlon) respectively for further increased performance and 3dNow!-Support !


Size / Type



Creative Labs MiniGL V1.1.2.0030

969k ZIP

Use for Voodoo2/Banshee only, 512x512 textures capable
HEX-Edit Tweak for Creative MiniGL


Allows use of above MiniGL with non-Creative Drivers
Creative Labs Control Panel V3.01.004

367k EXE

Allows use of above MiniGL with non-Creative Drivers

Overall Note -
The 3dfx MiniGL Drivers are suitable only for old Games, that have support for those.
There, it can offer maximum performance and is still the primary choice.

For fully OpenGL based Games, use the 3dfx OpenGL ICD, WickedGL or MesaFX instead.

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