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Page updated - 12/02/2002

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Creative Labs Control Panel Applet

This Control Panel is needed, if your present Creative Drivers do not possess the option to use an Installed 512x512 MiniGL.
It is mandatory if you use a non-Creative built Driver (such as 3dfx Reference Drivers).

It will allow switching between the enhanced Creative MiniGL and the default 3dfx MiniGL as desired.

What is a Control Panel Applet ?
Control Panels are the early versions of what now is known as 3dfx Tools.

While stictly seen, the raw Device Driver is the only thing needed to make a 3dfx Card run, the Control Panel Applet will display and offer all available Advanced Features of the Card, greatly impoving Performance when properly configured, and permits customizing for personal preferences.
It also allows convinient control over essential functions like Gamma Settings.

Basically, these Panels are a GUI (Graphical User Inferface) that allow setting the associated Values in the Windows Registry by easy mouse clicks.
They also usually offer further details about the 3D Features available, and what settings will take what effect..

This Control Panel Applet requires the Creative 512x512 capable MiniGL installed for full functionality...
Available for download in the MiniGL Section.

How to install this Control Panel ?
This File will self-extract into the Windows\System Folder, where all Win9x Control Panels found under START > SETTINGS > SYSTEM are located.
These Applets can be easily identified by their .cpl File Extension.
From there, is should not be visible in the normal Display Property Sheet if it is co-existing with a present, non-Creative Driver's Property Sheet.
In that case, it will be accessible under START > SETTINGS > SYSTEM only...

Known Limitations
This Control Panel might not contain all advanced features your default one might offer if it will replace an existing Creative Control Panel...
Unless you are willing to modify your Driver's inf Installer File to customize it, making a backup of your existing one is recommended before installing it.

FalconFly's Overall Assessment
This Control Panel Applet is for use in conjunction with the Creative 512x512 MiniGL Driver only.
If you do not use it, there should be no reason to Install this Control Panel...

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