Voodoo4/5 AGP/PCI

Windows 95/98/ME 1.03.00 WHQL Drivers

Updated: September 25, 2000
What's New in Version 1.03.00 WHQL
  1. Before you begin, please download and view the FAQ for answers to commons questions.
  2. Added Depth Precision 16/32bpp to 3dfx Tools Advanced Feature Page to OpenGL/Glide.
  3. Added AA Demo Key to 3dfx Tools Anti-Aliasing Page. NOTE: This is not to be used in a benchmark to toggle and test the performance of Anti-Aliasing on and off.
  4. Added Geometry Assist to 3dfx Tools Advanced Feature Page.
  5. Performance improvements on AMD K7 and Intel Pentium II/III processors
  6. Optimal Refresh rate defaults to 75 Hz to achieve highest performance without stealing bandwidth to run at higher refresh rate. Note: this is only so you will run at 75 Hz default when you install the driver.
  7. OpenGL Improvements for Quake 3 performance on Celeron, Pentium Pro, Pentium II's, and Pentium MMX and Non-MMX
  8. Fixix 3D pipes screen saver delay problem delay.
  9. Fixed htting 'esc' key in Half-Life and attepting to resume causing crash.
  10. Fixed Home world Z-Buffer Errors
  11. Fixed Shadows of the Empire has Z-buffer corruption
  12. Fixed multitexture problem in F.A.A.K.2
  13. Numerous Serious Sam fixes.
  14. Fixed Road Adventures USA texture corruption
  15. Fixed stars at night disappearing in Falcon 4 on Voodoo5 with 4 sample FSAA on, when running in GLIDE mode
  16. Fixed Deer Hunter z-buffer problem.

Driver Versions
  • Voodoo4/5(tm) Driver Kit Version: 1.03.00
  • VSA 100?Series Win9x 2D/3D Display Driver:
  • Voodoo4/5 OpenGL 1.1 Client Driver Version: ICD
  • Voodoo4/5 Glide(tm) 2.X Driver:
  • Voodoo4/5 Glide 3.X Driver:
  • 3dfx Tools Version:

System Requirements
  • Voodoo4 or Voodoo5 AGP or PCI video card
  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • 16 MB of memory
  • Microsoft DirectX 7.x runtime
  • Intel(r) or AMD(r) compatible CPU

Installation Instructions
Install DirectX 7.x before completing the installation instructions below.
  1. Install DirectX 7.x.
  2. Start Windows 95/98/ME
  3. Extract the files for the Voodoo driver to a directory.
  4. Go to the directory where you put the Voodoo driver, run the executable file Setup.exe. Click SETUP. At the welcome screen of 3dfx Tools, select NEXT. Click on YES when prompt to install Voodoo driver.
  5. Follow instruction on the screen to install Voodoo driver and 3dfx Tools Control Panel.
  6. Select 'Yes, I want to restart my computer now' when prompted.